About company

About company

About us

TOBO Ltd. was founded in 1998. Since then we have been developing it together with our team of qualified employees. Each success is a stimulus for us to improve our knowledge and the ability to create effective solutions to work space and rest in the privacy of your home. We are open to any innovations and changes that translate into the functionality and modern design of the furniture systems we manufacture.

We specialize in furniture production

In our offer you will find furniture systems for offices, reception, conference rooms, hotels, schools and kindergartens, public facilities, and home furniture. We are a flexible company and open to new challenges. We are able to adapt to the needs of our customers and produce untypical furniture, under special order.

Modern management system

We systematically invest and improve the machinery park. We systematically raise the qualifications of our employees, and the modern management system takes care of production efficiency. The goal of our work is the quality, reliability and reliability of the furniture we manufacture.

Public tenders

We take active part in announced public tenders and inquiries regarding comprehensive interior furnishings. As a result, we are recognized not only in the Podlasie region, but also throughout Poland. The proof are numerous references issued by satisfied customers.